It’s human tendency that the things we look forward to in a day, are linked to some kind of achievement. Cracking a pitch, grabbing a promotion, wowing that hot co-worker, finding a house — et al. Only bummer is, none of these are really in our control. And if even one doesn’t go our way, it wrecks the day for us.

No denying that these things are important and we have to strive towards them. But how about we don’t build our day and our happiness around them? How about if the things we look forward to are actually stuff that is 100% in our control?

Like say we look forward to doing a cracking job on that pitch — really going deep, making it excellent by our own standards? Wherein just doing it gives us a high — forget what happens baad mein? Or having that little chat with the watchman /single old man in our building that’s always fun and goes a long way in making the other’s day? Adding some humour in a depressed buddy’s life? Going and getting oneself a fun dessert at lunch? Catching up with a friend we’ve been meaning to…

Lotsa options but all stuff that depend only on us. Let’s fill our day with things that genuinely uplift us and give us the energy to give our best to the things we cannot control and take their outcomes in our stride.

Let’s find ways to make a great day