Let’s take a good, long, hard look at our lives. And honestly figure, who the people are, whom, because of their niceness or cause they love us so much, we end up taking for granted.

The people whom, we always make adjust according to our whims. The relationships where we put ourselves first, second, third and then if there’s any room left, then maybe we think of the other person.

Now let’s just take a minute to think of how much these people do for us, how unselfishly and unconditionally, they love us and are there for us. Can we get ourselves to feel some gratitude, some love in our hearts for them? And maybe even a tad bit of shame?

But feelings are just the start point. Can we bring in the resolve and the awareness to never, ever treat them in this cavalier fashion again? Instead make it a point to look out for them, cherish them, make them feel special? And if possible even say a sorry? Then tell them how important they are to us.

The people in our life are our biggest blessings. Let’s always remember that and treat them as such.