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It was my first day at work as an intern in the one of the renowned oil companies in India. Day started off in a rather weird and funny way.

So, basically I was sent a letter and in the letter it had been mentioned that I was to report to Ms. Vishaka Singh. At the reception I was given the cabin number and as I was new to the place I was quite lost but I asked around and was told to go to TowerB. On reaching, I asked a few people who were already present to direct me to the respected lady. Their response was, ‘She usually comes around 11'. So, to that I said oh alright il wait in the lobby then. I waited and waited. …

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It’s always about those little moments that make it better for the times when you’re not exactly feeling yourself. It’s about doing things differently with a slight sprinkle of craziness to it.


Ananta Bhatnagar

Music & Love

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