The devil was once an angel … !

I’d never tought that one day i’ll be able to be the mistress of someone, though, the worst has happened,

A cold night of October I met the evil in person, charming, gallant … He bewitched and trapped me …

happiness with him is ephemeral, a split second and everything evaporates, dreams, hopes, all the beautiful things disappears.

More harm than good, the bad that makes you feel good !

Nothing is equal to the moments I spent with him, sleepless nights, darker than the night,

Manipulator, tender, a poisoning mixture , a twisted love, excruciating pain,

No need to look for evidence, I knew that the First Lady is at home when he kisses me at night, i knew that he loves an other women

I agreed to sign the pact with the devil, proud and smiling,

I signed the pact and … I fell off from the top of the cliff !

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