Like any other young man out there, i too want to have something great. I want to create something good. I want to be part of something big. So i decided to build my very first startup.

The feeling of having my own startup is amazing. Well it doesn’t belong to me alone. My friends and i co-founded it. This startup is a tech startup. We did make some cash, and it was good enough for a student like me; But we didn’t succeed. We didn’t last long enough. Not even a year. So why did we fail? What caused this? I kept thinking about it for some time and i found the cause. It’s the people.

You know, a startup is a bunch of people with one idea and goal. That is what my friends and i have. At least for some time. In order to create a successful startup, you need to have the same idea and goal. You have to believe with one another. Startup is a sloppy road. It’s hard and that is why you have to take each other hand.

One day we got a project and it’s the biggest project we ever had. We burnt with excitement. That project is supposed to last for a month and a half, but it did last more than that. And that is when it all started. One by one we started to fail. We started to lose faith. It started with one people. Then two. And eventually all of us.

We almost got ourselves in jail for not getting the job done, but somehow the client cancelled the project. Hahaha. No it’s not laughing matter.

You know, i wish we still chasing our dream together. I wish we’ll meet in one room and discuss some crazy idea again. But we can’t. We’ll be walking our separate way. And let’s meet at the top, whatever road you choose.

It’s been a good time being around people like you. But i’ll be walking my own way. Thank you for teaching me that whatever happens, don’t lose faith just yet. Try one more time. Thank you for teaching me that startup is about the people and the dream. So i can invest more in the company culture the next time i built a startup. And the most important thing, thank you for teaching me that we should take each other hand in any situation.

No i won’t stop chasing my dream. I’ll built another one so we can meet at the top the next time we see each other.

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