The Danish father.

I sat for 15 short minutes on the train today as any day, and I sat there bored with my dead phone battery. Therefore, i decided to spend my time observing the people around me, and i must say: I am proud of the danish father. The danish father will listen to his childrens random incoherent ramblings with as much attentiveness and interest that he gives the huge Sunday football match.

He listens to them, and gives them and what they say importance. He will let them finish without impatiently interrupting, even though he is 100 % sure of what they are going to say and why.
When his children are done, he will build up his answer with all the details he can gather and all the wisdom he can muster. He will answer carefully and sincerely. Does he care that this is in public? No, of course not.

He treats his children as equals to him, while maintaining and building their respect for him. That is one delicate balance.
A balance that is necessary for his childrens confidence and curiosity development… it is VITAL.
Thank you train dad, for reminding me of my own father.
I hope to one day become that danish father, that will inspire some youngster on his hovercraft to access his liquid like smartphone, and post a similar post on some social media platform.