Thoughts of a train-riding 20 year old.

I used to be a very imaginative child. I remember having a wild and out-of-control fantasy. Some say that could be a positive thing, and i agree, but it also created some problems for little me, namely irrational fear.
I used to be afraid of the supernatural: Monsters, Witches, Ghosts and etc.
I had this firm belief as a 9 year old that there was a world of horrible creatures beyond my bedroom wall, and another one underneath my bed. The real world was my escape from this, it was my safe-haven.

I was reflecting on the matter a couple of days ago, and i couldn’t seem to remember letting go of my childhood fears, even though they clearly dissolved into my early teen years.
Looking back at it i see it as comical, as something funny, yet i cant help but notice some important elements hidden in this letting go of childish fears, that applies to all of us:

We let go of our childish fears of the supernatural, when we realize that the real world is endlessly more terrifying.

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