The perfect technical architecture for a startup
Aurora Exchange

Nice article :)
However, you asked what “we,” thought of it, so here you go :D

The article is promoting some technologies over the others without stating the reason behind that choice. There is no set of techs or a stack that is being used just for the sake of it; there always should be a reason for choosing that tech, be it a language, a framework, a library, or a DBMS.

For instance, when selecting MongoDB in favor of MySQL, why did you do so? I can think of multiple examples where relational database management systems are suitable for, while NoSQL (in-memory, document-based, or graph) database management systems are far from optimal.
My point is that choosing a tech stack is not up to what the developer “prefer,” although if multiple choices are alike, you would choose what you are the most comfortable with.

A couple of things more. In “Choosing the right cloud platform” section, I think it is a bit unfair to paint all with the same brush. Some are under the Platform-as-a-Service category, while others fall under the Infrastructure-as-a-Service category. However, that is somehow an OK comparison. I mean by the end of the day, the app will end up there in the “cloud,” ain’t it? :D

The other thing is the naming the section “Choosing the right tools for DevOps,” while it is about unit testing and continues integration tools. I mean you already talked about the source management systems in a separate section, yet it is part of the DevOps. DevOps include more than just what you placed under that section. Therefore, I think a better name would be “Choosing unit testing and continuous integration tools.” I intentionally excluded “the right” for an apparent reason :D

PS. I liked the front-end JS frameworks part. :D
Sorry for the lengthy comment :)

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