4 Documentaries That Blew My Mind 💥

“Documentaries can embrace contradictions in a way that journalism can’t.” — Alex Gibney

Some Scary 🙈 Statistics

Did you know that about 66% of people who make documentaries don’t make any money out of them ?

Did you also know that average documentary costs between $5,000 and $50,000 ?

I don’t usually watch TV, but I watch documentaries, as through them I learn a lot.

Today I want to give you a glimpse into some very cool documentaries I watched recently, hopefully they will change your worldview!

#1 Artificial Intelligence: AlphaGo

GO is one of the most complicated board games ever made. Computer has not been able to beat GO pros, but things may change with the amazing work of AlphaGo team creating Artificial Intelligence, that learns to play GO.

In this documentary AlphaGO is going against the GO “black belt” Lee Sedol.

Who will win ? Watch for yourself!

Available on Netflix

#2 Running: Running Sahara

If you could watch a single movie about running — watch Running Sahara. This movie is insane!

3 guys run across Sahara desert! More than 4 thousands miles in ridiculous heat….

Watch it, I promise you will love it!

Available on iTunes

#3 Doping during Olympics: Icarus

I am sure you have heard about scandal around doping in Russia during Olympics. Well, this guy who was responsible for all the doping was filmed for a documentary.

This documentary covers a year of a person who helped Russian athletes to dope.

I don’t know how creators of this movie pulled it of — but it is amazing!

Available on Netflix

#4 Magic: David Blane Beyond Magic

I think that David Blaine is the greatest magician ever lived.

This guy drinks kerosine, creates aquarium in his stomach, holds breath for 9 minutes, spends 40 days without food… and much much more.. In this documentary he takes the streets with his magic.

Just seeing people’s reaction is priceless!

This is not your David Copperfield magic, this is next level!

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