I Do Not Wish…

Artwork by Dorina CostrasBah

I do not wish to reach shores
where I build my longing
and oblivions walk barefoot and silently…

I do not wish shores
where trees bloom senselessly
and stars loose its train during refluxes…

I do not wish to reach shores
where nights set inside my thoughts
neither sweets waters or cravings
snowbound by amnesia…
Yearning of you hits my last fiber of retina…

I do not wish for shores
where seasons’ shadows crucify me!…
I bury my wings,
I know you were no more than a chimera,
no struggle inside one last remembrance,
so nights can have its dreams.

I do not wish for shores
where sleeplessness temple can rest,
in hope the universe will narrow inside me.
I converted my wings into taciturn stones!

I do not wish for shores
where waters cut my restlessness and questions,
trying to find our lost steps in the penumbra…
even the hourglass cannot bring back my Love

I do not wish for shores
where I tried to remove your nights out of me,
just a stellar sleep watches over at the border
between wakefulness and sleeping, through insomnia, words keep wondering…

I am not ready for another flight!…

At the corner of each second, Love still howls
of so much yearnings… cold and arid…

(Anca Mihaela Bruma — 22nd August 2015 — Strasbourg)

Copyright (c) 2015 by Anca Mihaela Bruma, All Rights Reserved, except the right to forward and to share with friends — with credit — which is held to be a good idea and is thus encouraged.