Nomad Cruise — a non-digital experience

Nomad Cruise — a non-digital experience

“What day is it? Thursday? No, it’s Friday. Oh, ok, so how many days do we have left on the cruise? 5? No, I think 6. No, 7… or 5?”

After a 5 minutes debate in the swimming pool we decided to give up and just enjoy the moment. We were just 5 of the almost 100+ digital nomads who forgot about time, Internet and worries for a few days. It’s hard to explain in words how this nomad cruise experience was for me. It’s one of those stories that end with “you had to be there”.

Nomad Cruise — Photo Credit — Dinko Verži

I wanted to describe how a “typical” day on the cruise looked like, but they were all different. Except the regular meals that interrupted our meetups, each day had something different. Random drinking meetups by the pool, various workshops held by other nomads, yoga sessions, walks on the deck and discussions with new and interesting people — these were all on the menu.

How it all started…

I didn’t know what to expect, especially when the ticket was really cheap for an eight nights all-inclusive trip. But in the end, it was much more than I could’ve imagined.

Amazing people




But every good thing comes to an end…

We knew it was over and that our little own world has to stop existing for a while. Some remained on the ship to go to Santos, others went to Salvador. A new continent, a new culture and the fear of a not so safe city became our reality now. The good part is that only a few hours later after checking-in at the hotel, I had a smile on my face in Salvador where I saw people I knew — even though I just met them a few days before, I had a warm feeling just seeing them. Interesting fact: I was really surprised to find out that the hotel I stayed in Salvador appears many times in Michael Jackson’s video. Can you spot hotel Pelourinho?

Until the next one…

The first Nomad Cruise may be over, but I am extremely happy that I was there and met so many wonderful people. Now I am taking my memories with me and will always be grateful for the things I learned. And yes, I am still thinking of our own world while I am writing these words from the small cute apartment in my new home until the end of 2015: Rio de Janeiro.

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