Ready to design your life? Start by designing exquisite morning routines!

Image credit: Brooke Lark

Morning routines set you up for excellence. Full stop. How I kickstart my day is how I choose to feel throughout the day. I instil in my morning routine what I also feed my mind on a regular basis. That is: I am limitless, I can and I will. Full stop. Give it a read. Adopt anything that resonates and please do share your routines. My curious soul will feel spoiled.

1. Wake Up, Brush Up And Make Magic Happen

You know those who rise easily, gently on a soundtrack from the Sound of Music tickling their ears while magic…

Learn to create fulfillment by accessing your infinite power of choice.

Simple joy of life

Life design translates into fully showing up as the powerful creator that you are, by taking ownership over your life. As life designer, you create the context to be your most powerful self in a mindful, kind and fulfilling way.

Listening to Tony Robbins, Gabby Bernstein, Danielle LaPorte, I instantly have an influx of confidence. Live life on your terms. Only hearing this brings tears to my eyes. This phrase summarises pretty much what many of us are looking for: having the audacious confidence that I can achieve everything I’m aiming for.

My weepy-self is tickled by two specific things…

Anca Stefania Iorgulescu

Life Designer Digital Strategist DigitalJoy.Agency keen on women empowerment, joyous & conscious life, by contributing to well-being of all.

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