Anchor Taiwan — Your Key to Success in Asia

Anchor Taiwan
Aug 14, 2017 · 6 min read
Taipei, Taiwan at dusk

Enter Anchor Taiwan: Be Asia Ready

Launch party hosted by our partner, PurpleCow Startup Association

So… What does that even mean?

Fireside chat with a TEDx speaker over a couple of Taiwan beers!
Anchor Taiwan’s June 2017 batch on a curated island adventure! Location: Zhuilu Old Trail, Taroko Gorge

Invest in your success! What’s included?

What’s a Taiwan? Why would I go there?

The Anchor Taiwan June 2017 batch living life on the edge!
Started from the bottom now we here!
Easy access to anywhere in Asia!

Upcoming batches & major events happening in Taiwan!

Karen T. Lin, a member of Anchor Taiwan June 2017, giving a speech on UI/UX at a collaboration with MOX, an SOSV accelerator.

Apply here and join our community!

Anchor Taiwan

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Anchor Taiwan is your turnkey solution to succeed in Asia: entrepreneurial residency, co-investment network and more.

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