Anchor Taiwan — Your Key to Success in Asia

Taipei, Taiwan at dusk

Enter Anchor Taiwan: Be Asia Ready

Launch party hosted by our partner, PurpleCow Startup Association

So… What does that even mean?

Fireside chat with a TEDx speaker over a couple of Taiwan beers!
Anchor Taiwan’s June 2017 batch on a curated island adventure! Location: Zhuilu Old Trail, Taroko Gorge

Invest in your success! What’s included?

  1. Time saving convenience: The one thing you can’t get more of! Logistics are taken care of in style; you don’t have to worry about setting up an apartment or a hotel, arranging a co-working space, or any of those other things that you don’t want to be bothered with your first time here! Focus on what matters.
  2. An epic community: We are huge on building a group of motivated people that bring killer vibes and support to your 30 days of growth! Who knows? You might meet your next best friend or business partner! We make sure everyone’s a good fit and will add to our awesome vibe.
  3. Amazing partners: Do you want to start manufacturing or prototyping using Asia’s cutting edge ecosystem? How about getting connected into the culture and creativity scene here? Simply looking to understand the market? No matter what you’re after — we have trusted partners that will get you flying in no time. We can even start the process before you get here so you can hit the ground running.

What’s a Taiwan? Why would I go there?

The Anchor Taiwan June 2017 batch living life on the edge!
Started from the bottom now we here!
Easy access to anywhere in Asia!

Upcoming batches & major events happening in Taiwan!

Karen T. Lin, a member of Anchor Taiwan June 2017, giving a speech on UI/UX at a collaboration with MOX, an SOSV accelerator.

Apply here and join our community!




Anchor Taiwan is your turnkey solution to succeed in Asia: entrepreneurial residency, co-investment network and more.

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Anchor Taiwan

Anchor Taiwan

Anchor Taiwan is your turnkey solution to succeed in Asia: entrepreneurial residency, co-investment network and more.

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