Descent Upon Asia’s Best Kept Secret

In less than 2 weeks, exceptional entrepreneurs will be touching down in the heart of Asia for 30 days of opportunity with Anchor Taiwan!

Check out a snapshot of what they will be experiencing during our program:

Business Insights — Instantly Plugged Into Thriving Communities

If you’ve been following along, you’ll know how important guanxi (there’s your test!) is in Asia. Our members will begin their journey by connecting to the start-up and business ecosystem here in Taiwan from the moment they arrive. In addition to personalized meetings through our extensive network of local partners in Taiwan, we will be participating in the World Congress of IT 2017, networking with the tech and start-up ecosystem (PurpleCow Startup Association, AppWorks, Hardware Massive, Founder Institute, Girls in Tech, MOX, and more!) and connecting with communities like local alumni of 500 startups— just to name a few!

乾杯! gānbēi! Cheers!

The exciting people joining us this time include leading entrepreneurs on the creative and music side of the start-up world. We have teamed up with awesome local partners to visit successful businesses in the music industry, participate in underground music events, and attend Nuit Blanche, an all night music and arts festival! Whatever your passion — we’ll find you an experience!

Cultural Immersion — Be Asia Ready

In addition to attending all sorts of awesome collaborations with partners, we put a focus on Anchor Immersion events; we’re going to give our team a massive head start and leg up on the competition by immersing in the culture and being prepared to face any situation in the region! We will be experiencing calligraphy and tea ceremonies, business know-how for the Greater China region, icebreaker events in the Taiwanese start-up ecosystem, and eating/drinking exactly how the locals do (have you heard of 高粱酒[ɡāoliánɡjiǔ]? Maybe it’s best you haven’t…).

How about a work-away day trip at Jiufen? Nothing beats the atmosphere!

Island Adventures — Taiwan is Asia’s Best Kept Secret, After All!

Work hard, play hard! We have curated a set of unique trips and experiences for our participants — an opportunity to visit Taiwan’s eastern coast, trek into vast gorges, and visit aboriginal tribes! Get a taste of ancient Taiwan and a deeper look into the roots of this island paradise.

You’ll catch us doing some things like chasing waterfalls through ancient villages, soaking in some of Taiwan’s jungle hot springs, and watching the sunset over the beautiful metropolis of Taipei!

Does it get better than this? Not usually, but this is Taiwan!
We can’t wait for the awesomeness ahead!

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