Indifferent feelings about Twitter’s change to character count

Twitter created a culture. It’s 140 character limit changed the way we communicate. For those of you who have been on since the early days, you’ll remember links to share pictures before Twitter ever had photo sharing capability.

It was exciting news to hear Twitters announcement with Photos, videos, GIFs, polls, and Quote Tweets no longer counting toward your 140 characters. This 22 increase in characters will significantly be impacting everyones news feeds. Think about it this way: Every tweet that has ever been sent in the history of time could potentially have had a photo. I can’t wait for Twitter to become a more visual platform and I hope video because more prominent as well.

What I don’t feel excited about it how this change will impacts the community. Twitter has evolved in to something that requires a skill set. The Platform Managers* must condense a message in to something that makes sense with minimal amount of words. If you work in modern day communications you’ve most likely heard the rule of thumb: Write tweetable headlines.

I doubt these changes will seriously impact the platform but the community of Twitter will change. To what? I have no idea at this time but I do know that the photo I tweeted above of of Michael Jordan felt very strange. Almost as if I didn’t know what to say because I had extra room for more text.

One thing I hope for is all the customer support accounts provide visual references now going forward.

*h/t to Evan Rogers for putting this article together which explains a modern day role in social media.