Announcing E’s Next Adventure

Editor’s Note: This is a repost of a Medium post by Andela co-founder Iyin Aboyeji. While it’s certainly bittersweet, E is forever a part of the Andela family and we couldn’t be more proud as he embarks on his next adventure building the future of the continent.

Over the past two years, Andela has grown from humble beginnings, as a small team huddled in a corner of Co-creation Hub in Yaba, into a 250-person organization spanning three continents. Today, Andela developers are working on mission-critical projects for dozens of world-class technology organizations in both the U.S. and Africa, and most importantly, Andela has become a shining symbol of a hopeful and bright future for Africa.

This is what makes the news I am about to share bittersweet. After the last two years of amazing work building Andela, it’s now time for me to extend the vision by leading the charge to build one of the critical pieces of infrastructure necessary for building the future of Africa.

Today, I’m excited to share that I’m launching a new company called Flutterwave with a group of FinTech experts with experience in working in African banks as well as leading tech firms including PayPal and Google Wallet.

Flutterwave is a solution to some of the major challenges I’ve witnessed across Africa while building Andela. Despite all the entrepreneurial spirit and expertise in Lagos, businesses still have trouble conducting transactions that are an afterthought in most of the world. It’s a problem that is prohibitive to the future growth of the continent, and one that I felt I could no longer ignore. So I decided to do something about it.

Flutterwave is building digital payments infrastructure to enable commerce between the U.S. and Africa. Essentially, this will enable the next generation of tech leaders in Africa to launch businesses that will scale — not only across Africa, but across the U.S. and other major international markets.

Today, I am finally able to announce that Flutterwave has been accepted into Y Combinator, the most prestigious tech incubator in the world! Needless to say, I will remain close to both Andela and its mission.

Those of you who know me well know what matters most to me is building the future of our continent. I am so proud of what we have achieved in these two short years at Andela in pursuit of this mission. It’s been an honor to work with the Andela team and all of the Andela Fellows, who are proving every day that brilliance is evenly distributed around the world.

While I am sad to be scaling back my involvement with Andela at such an exciting time in its evolution, I am fully confident in the team’s ability to execute on Andela’s vision. Seni Sulyman, Director of Andela Lagos, has spent several years driving strategy and execution for some of today’s most important technology companies, and there’s no doubt in my mind that he will be instrumental in driving Andela closer to its goal of producing 100,000 developers across Africa in the next ten years.

I know that Flutterwave is just the first of hundreds of companies that will be born out of Andela and I look forward to the day when Flutterwave is a critical part of the infrastructure making that growth possible!

Let’s get to work building the future together.