The rise in popularity in the streaming of live casino

Streaming of live casino games is a topic you keep on hearing about more often this year in particular due to the huge success it has provided to numerous gaming providers in the past year, one of which is Evolution Gaming.

Evolution Gaming keeps announcing phenomenal increases in revenue year on year. This is due to the provision of new interesting game shows such as Deal or No Deal and Monopoly, two of the most recent additions to their game show portfolio, who help in targeting those players who are not usually too keen in playing Live Casino.

Prior to going into all those details of why and in what ways live casino streaming is hitting new exceptional levels, let’s dive into what is live casino and the live streamings.

What is a live casino?

Live casino is nothing but a new format of casino playing. Just like online casinos, you get to play games from the comfort of your own home with the exception of being dealt cards by a live croupier. This makes the experience even more interesting as you get to experience the ‘’real world casino’’.

There are many online casino operators who thanks to their exceptional platform providers manage to host these live casinos. To mention only a few giants in the gaming provider sector, Evolution Gaming, NetEnt AB and Play N’Go.

Evolution Gaming live casino
Evolution Gaming live casino

How do Live Casino and Regular Casino differ?

In a regular casino game, it’s the software that controls the game and once you click the ‘play’ button, the system will automatically take over. On the other hand, with Live Casino, you will experience the game with a real-life dealer who will take charge of the game just like land-based casinos. You will just have to choose your game preference and the dealer will take on the bets, spin wheels and deal the cards. Without any doubt this will be the closest experience you can have to land-based casino without stepping foot in the casino.

What are Live Casino Game Shows?

In simple terms, game shows are a combination of the thrill of playing casino games and the amazing atmosphere one gets when competing in a live TV game show. The live casino game show landscape is growing day on day with a numerous number of new releases hitting the casino lobbies worldwide. It has become simply an addiction, one which we don’t seem to get tired of.

To date, Evolution Gaming is the only gaming provider which offers these kind of game shows and judging by the increase in revenues and profits of the Company, it seems that such shows have made a huge success. The most renowed game shows are Monopoly live, Deal or No Deal, Spin a Win, Dream Catcher and Lightning Dice.

What does ‘’streaming of live games’’ mean?

It’s safe to say that everyone is quite familiar with movie or TV shows steaming as well as streaming live videos on social media. This said, not everyone has heard about the latest concept og game live streaming so we will give a quick explanation below.

Game live streaming involves players broadcasting their game sessions in real time which will then attract other players or other audiences to tune in and watch the videos. This has further opened up a new world of gaming experiences. Just like happens with ambassadors on social media, gamers can actually make a profit out of this while they stream themselves playing live casino games such as blackjack and roulette.

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How do live casinos differ from live casino streaming?

The main difference between these two is that with live casino you would need to register an account with a casino, login and place your wagering. Whereas, with live casino streamers, there is no need to register an account since you can just go to streaming sites such as and YouTube and check the gamers’ videos from there.

Why is there an increase in live casino streaming?

Many players show interest in the monitoring of other players playing as this can increase their abilities in winning. Live casino streaming is both convenient and useful for those players to understand the moves and learn the tactics behind each move. There is possible interaction between the viewers and players as well where both can share ideas and discuss any move they wish.

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