Ublend becomes Aula

Anders Krohn

Why change our name?

We started Ublend 3 years ago as a platform for students to discover their campus.

In 2016 we made a decision to change direction and use everything we have learned about building products for students to fundamentally rethink the digital interface of education.

We continue to be humbled by the support we’ve received from students, instructors, learning technologists, CIOs, researchers and everything in between.

Learning from these people, we’ve been looking for a new name more true to our identity.

Why Aula?

Aula [ˈɔːla], the word, means “the place people come together”.

That’s exactly what Aula is about:

Bringing learners and educators together to create an engaging learning experience enhanced by technology and driven forward by conversations.

Join us on the journey at: https://aula.education.

Anders Krohn

Written by

CEO @aula_education; previously @UniofOxford. Writing about #technology, #edtech, #econ, and #education. Involved with @projectaccess_, @YouGlo & @GlobalShapers

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