Why I’m Supporting an Imperfect Iran Deal
Kirsten Gillibrand

Thank you for supporting this deal. As I listen to its opponents (both in the political spectrum and in online forums, including this one), I have heard nothing sensible to support rejecting this agreement, except that it needs to be “better” — of course, without defining what “better” means. Apparently some believe that a deal where Iran negotiated nothing but instead capitulated 100% is realistic; most thoughtful people understand that to be a pipe dream.

The idea that we can let this deal fall apart, losing both Russia’s and China’s support of sanctions and gaining NOTHING from Iran — with only an alternative of military action — is simply idiotic. I would have thought that most Americans would have taken the lessons from our wars in Iraq and Afganistan — a miliary course of action is never easy, it results in our young American men losing their bodies or their minds, if not their lives, and it bankrupts our economy. It is the appropriate route only when all else fails. And since so few of our families carry the burden of sending sons to war, it is cynical and easy for so many politicians and citizens to advocated a “tough” response — they have nothing personal at stake. It is unimaginable to me that after 10 years of war so many people are so quick to completely dismiss the idea of trying a diplomatic solution — the only rational reason for this is that they are caught up in the rhetoric of politicans and pundits who hate the President and want to deny him any sort of victory — no matter the cost to our sons and our country.

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