How to Know Which Hair Colour Is Right For You

If you have ever wanted to change your hair colour or know somebody who is changing their hair colour, you would know that the process is quite overwhelming. A simple shade either too dark or too light can make or break your look. It is quite easy to look at a photo of say Jennifer Aniston and decide that you want that exact shade of blonde but it will not necessarily look the same on you. I don’t mean to hurt your feelings but this is a real concern when it comes to deciding what colour to dye your hair. There are several factors to consider before you make a decision:

Skin Tone

You need to find a colour that will complement your skin tone and play a role in enhancing your features. You wouldn’t want Jennifer Aniston’s shade of blonde or say Jennifer Lawrence’s if it makes your nose will look fat, now would you? Yeah, I thought so too. Hairstylists suggest that when dyeing your hair, you should stay within the range of your natural hair colour. Because should you go for a different colour, say dark brown instead of blonde, it can make your skin look pale, washed out and even dull.

Eye Colour

Surprising as it may sound, your eye colour plays an important role when it comes to deciding what the best hair colour is for you. Stylists recommend the following are the eye colours that suggest your hair should be cool tones.

· Dark blue

· Gray Blue

· Dark Brown

· Black brown

· Hazel with white flecks

· Hazel with blue flecks

· Hazel with gray flecks

And the following indicate that your hair should be in warm tones.

· Turquoise

· Golden brown

· Green

· Hazel with brown flecks

· Hazel with brown flecks


When deciding on a hair colour, most people settle for tones that make them look as natural as possible because the last thing they want is for someone to point out how vibrant and unreal it looks. Age plays an important role when deciding on a hair colour for one. Soft tones look better on people who are aging. It is quite essential to stay within either two shades lighter than what you have or two shades darker than what you have if you want your hair colour to look natural.

However, if you still want to make a statement, go for a hair colour you think is right for you and you feel you can carry off.For Further More Information Visit our parlour at Wedding Hair Deal Kent

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