How to have more than 24 hours a day

These days, everyone says they don’t have time so they can’t do this and that.

And to be honest, I feel so bothered whenever I hear people say they don’t have time. Or whenever I say that I also don’t have time.

Time flies.

But time always exists.

It is just that time flies without stopping. It keeps on flowing without waiting for you. Time won’t wait for you or for me or for anyone. It will just keep on passing by.

Everyone has 24 hours a day. But there are those who have more. Here’s how to have more than 24 hours a day.

(based on what I’ve learned from people, most are from my pastor and a few based on experience)

1. Wake up earlier

Wake up as early as you can. Use an alarm to make you wake up at 5 A.M. instead of six. (or four instead of five) Try whatever you want as long as it is earlier than the time you are used to.

You will have an extra hour or two. You can spend that time praying or meditating. Or for planning your activities for the day. Write a poem, a journal entry, or anything that actually matters to you.

2. Don’t let your thoughts be idle

This one is something that my pastor always tell me. Don’t let your thoughts be idle. Keep thinking.

Time passes in an instant when you stop thinking.

Catch time by always keeping your mind active.

Allow your thoughts to wander and be active and creative. Find solutions to problems you’ve always wanted to solve.

3. Cut off unnecessary things

How much time do you spend scrolling down on Facebook, or Instagram looking at things that don’t really mean anything to you? You do it because you feel bored. And what do you get in return? (I am guilty of this too)

If you are scrolling down on any social media, give yourself a minute to look at things and decide if you want to keep going. If you find it unnecessary to keep scrolling, refocus your mind into something else.

There are actually a lot of unnecessary things we do that keep us from doing what matters.



They are pretty similar. They take away time and so you keep saying you don’t have time.

You don’t have time because you gave it away to that devil called — distraction.

4. Make lists

This works for me.

First thing in the morning, I write down things I want and need to accomplish during the day. (or sometimes I just review my notes in case I already wrote them down the night before)

Making lists works. If you write down something, your brain would be more stimulated than when you just think about it. Besides, we are forgetful. It would come in handy if you had something tangible to look at if you ever forgot about the things you need to do.

5. Do only what matters

These are the things you should put on your list — the things that matter to you.

Does it matter to you to check out the latest show on Netflix? If it does, go on and do it. If not, then take it out of your list.

Do you really have to learn about python programming? or that new musical instrument? or quantum physics? Whatever that is if it matters to you, do it. If not, let it go.

What does it actually mean for something to matter to you?

Let’s say your ultimate goal is to become a rock star. You need to learn how to play the guitars. You need to know about effects, distortion, music theory, vocals and all related to it. You need not learn about chemical reactions, metabolism, the theory of relativity and others. Though it actually helps to learn a bit about these things.

So, this is actually about having a clear goal.

6. Start early

You may say this is just the same as waking up early.

Yes, it is.

But what I actually want to say is to start early with whatever specific activity you have to do. If you have to write an article, start it early so you can have more time to edit it later if needed.

Don’t let procrastination go in the way.

By hiking on a mountain trail starting from the early morning, you can be sure to get back before it would get too dark.

Study while you are still young.

7. Do a little bit more

Stay up late and exhaust yourself.

Do a little bit more. Success is achieved by those who do a little bit more. My pastor used the concept of a marathon as an example.

He said something like this.

In a marathon or a race, the winner is determined whether the person has done a little bit more. The one who extended his legs a little bit more wins. The first place is only a little bit faster than the second place. It is a small difference but a big difference.

Time is both absolute and relative. One hour is the same for everyone. Only the way it is spent is different.

Make your time count.

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I hope I didn’t take away too much time from you. :)

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