Net Worth Update — April 2019

Ando Jun
Ando Jun
May 3 · 2 min read

Starting November last year, I decided I would be calculating my net worth just as Gonzalo Ziadi has been doing for quite a while now. While I am not following his method of calculations, I have the same motivation for publishing this. And that is to help others take a look at their finances to see where they are at.

Here’s how my chart looks like at the end of April 2019:

I have done my best to keep the budget I have set for the month of April but I had some unexpected expenses which led me to being unable to keep the portion which I intended to save.

And I have just realized while looking at the chart above that this marks my anniversary of being debt-free. I paid all the debts I incurred during the time I didn’t work full-time by March-April last year and now I have kept my numbers positive until now.

I am close to living paycheck to paycheck but I am trying so hard to surpass that. Although this process is taking time, I’d like to keep saving and investing so that I can buy more options in life in the future.

I explained how I calculated this net worth in days in my previous post about My Finance in 2018. You may check it out if you think it’ll help you understand this a bit better. But in simple terms, the numbers on the chart above quantifies the number of days I could survive without a job and without changing my lifestyle until I go broke.

Based on my numbers for April, I can survive for 60 days give and take (with just my liquid funds).

Bad money spending habits die hard. Although I have been doing this for quite a while and I really noticed a lot of improvements in my spending habits, I still make bad spending decisions from time to time. And it is my ultimate goal to completely eradicate this bad money spending habits.



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