Poems I wrote for August

Before the month of August, I challenged myself to write one poem a day for each day of August. Here are the poems I wrote for August. Most pieces are in English but there are also several poems which I wrote in Filipino.

Happy reading~

(August 1)


Pagdating mo ay akin namang nabalitaan
 Ngunit bakit hindi pa rin napaghandaan
 Tanda ba ito ng aking katamaran
 O pagdalaw mo sa akin ba ay wala lang

Naihanda ko sana ang radyo, baterya at lampara
 Instant noodles, canton at mga de lata
 Pero wala e, dumating kang ako ay di handa
 Sayo tuloy walang mukhang maipakita

Isang linggo rin sa amin ikaw ay naglagi
 Araw-araw si nanay ay di mapakali
 Si tatay rin ay ayaw mag-hunos dili
 Bakit daw bahay pa namin ang napili

Umalis kang dala dala ang aming TV
 Sinira mo ang sofa, binara ang kubeta
 Pagbisita mo sa amin nga ay nagmarka
 ‘pagkat buhay ko muntik mo na ring isama

(August 2)


Halik ng Haring Araw
 Hugot ni ‘Nang Daigdig
 Sino ang mananaig?

(August 3)

Long Line

I’m at the end
 You’re somewhere in the middle
 Perhaps we will never meet
 Unless we break this long line

But if breaking this line
 will confuse me of how i defined you
 It is rather heartbreaking
 for I will never meet you

(August 4)


 Phone honey

(August 5)

Eight Sides

I see thousands of butterflies
 Their colors, I can’t recognize
 And none of them are alive

I see their wings flapping
 Their bodies squirming
 They can’t be brought back to life

Who wants to die
 Who wants to make it
 Fall down from the sky

(August 6)

Twenty Nine

One hundred eighty
 One eighty
 Eight tea
 A tea

 and get lost
 in the world of words

(August 7)


Do it now
 but do it gently
 Do it tomorrow
 I think that’s deadly

Could you have done it yesterday
 Why let time pass and reach this day

There may be many words to say
 Do to win — Do it now

(August 8)


 simply wont work
 without its pair

(August 9)


A large unidentified insect
 attacked and entered my heart,
 paralyzed my arm
 delayed the work I had to do

A cold wind brought healing
 to my paralyzed arm
 and so I got back to work
 and finished it in no time



Hanapin ang himlayan
 kapayapaan, ang bayan
 Kung sa kawalan
 may kasaganahan
 Sa karimlan ay may liwanag

Malayo at malapit
 Mataas at mababa
 Saang banda
 Aling banda

Hanapin ang himlayan
 kapayapaan, ang bayan

August 11


Ang tao man ay diyos rin
 Lumikha gamit ang salita
 Sulat, tula, saysay, kwento
 Bigkasin, awitin

(August 12, 2016)


You see a crack
 and try to push me through
 I thought I would suffer
 if I would just hold back
 You can’t do this
 I know who and what you’re afraid of
 One call, a strong mind
 and you’re done, oh gone
 For good, I hope
 But if you ever come back
 Know that you’re not getting any better at this
 cause I’m a soldier and I won’t let you make a hit

(August 13)


May lamparang nagbibigay liwanag sa gabi
 Lamparang pumapatay ng gamu-gamo
 Lamparang walang langis
 Lamparang may kerosene
 Lamparang umiibig
 Lamparang naghihintay
 at lamparang nagkatagpo

(August 14, 2016)


Minsan ka lang isilang
 Pero paulit ulit kang hinuhubog
 o kaya ay sinisira
 ng panahon, ng kapaligiran
 ng mga taong nakakasalamuha
 Batang musmos
 Gusgusin, uhugin
 walang malay o sala
 O sanggol
 minsan ka lang isilang

(August 15, 2016)


Ginintuan at dumadaloy na buhok
 Napakakinis na kutis
 Nakabibighaning tinig
 Haplos na nakahuhumaling
 Bawat oras na ikaw ay kapiling
 Isang libong taon sa langit ang kahambing
 Alam kong pag-ibig mo ay sa akin
 Bawat hiling mo aking diringgin
 Hanggang ang gintong lungsod ng langit
 Tuluyang maging atin~

(August 16, 2016)



(August 17, 2016)


Some people seek food
 Some thirst
 for water
 even love
 or compassion
 Get a refill
 and then consume
 and hunger or thirst for more
 It is said that there’s food
 and water which ends hunger and thirst
 but love
 love thay overflows
 where can you find it
 if not from your own vessel
 your own heart

(August 18, 2016)


Something I want to have from you
 A moment, a unit of time
 Sometimes it could mean chances
 for opportunities not taken
 or a rank you wish you didn’t have
 but what would life be without it
 if it can’t be shared
 if it were something you wish you had
 it might work this time
 it just might
 for there are meanings untold
 left for you to unfold
 if they were fold, of course
 sometimes they are rolled
 like a die
 and you get answers out of luck
 forget it
 the chances are 1/216
 not bad, you think
 keep trying~

(August 19, 2016)


 One of a kind
 It will never be the same
 even if you try again
 There can only be one
 yet there’s so many you can try
 That feeling may not come again
 so engrave it in your bones
 or you shall never remember
 the hell of a pain
 the fragrance, the taste, o ambrosia
 the deafening silence,
 the classy music
 and the mysterious feeling
 they say it’s love
 first love
 so love first~

(August 20, 2016)


Dahan-dahan lang
 Hinaan lang ang apoy
 Para di masayang ang gaas
 Iinit din yan
 Huwag mong madaliin
 Hindi mo makukuha
 tamang lambot ng baka
 kapag inapura
 kaya huminahon ka
 hintay hintay lang
 kapag naluto na
 saka ka mag-apura
 at baka maubusan ka~

(August 21, 2016)


You are given one name
 yet you appear
 in thousands of colors and patterns
 Three life stages
 they say your last is the shortest
 when you spread your wings and fly
 they dont understand
 that one minute of flying
 is thousand times more of a life
 than a day of crawling
 who then is to say
 that 24 hours is the same for everyone
 when one flies
 and the other crawls
 surely the one who flew
 lived more life and travelled farther distances~
 if God created you in this detailed manner
 how much more for people
 whose brains are of limitless capabilities
 let’s go and fly
 live a day
 as if it were a thousand years

(August 22, 2016)


There are times when you fall
 and someone lifts you up
 only to leave you behind

There are times when you live
 for love’s sake
 and hope not to make a mistake

There are times when you fly
 riding the wind
 enjoying uncertainties

There are times when you change
 along with the seasons
 so you could thrive and thus live longer

There are times when you are just a leaf
 healthy green
 lowest in the food chain
 or a shade giver
 or a sun catcher
 or a headdress
 There is more to you
 than what I already know~

(August 23, 2016)


In the lab
 in my stomach
 in my throat
 in the sky
 in the streams
 in the river
 in my head
 in my heart
 in my mind
 it keeps burning
 it keeps purging
 do you know the relationship
 between dissociation and pain
 weakness and bond
 will you just remain in the middle
 taking the neutral stand

(August 24, 2016)


Sa nanay at tatay
 sa angking kakayahan at talino
 ang Diyos naaanino
 Dun sa pinagmulan
 dinikta ang patutunguhan
 minsan umuulan ng grasya
 minsan kailangan umigib sa balon
 o maghanap ng bukal
 mahilig ka din ba sa minsan
 kaya parati ka na lang ganyan
 ang galing ba nasusukat
 na parang distansya
 mula sa pinanggalingan hanggang sa paroroonan
 galing sa galing
 mula sa pinagmulan

(August 25, 2016)


I always wonder
 how you’re able to do all this
 You are a bus driver
 a convenience store keeper
 a farmer
 a father and a mother
 a fisherman
 a police
 how is it possible
 for you to surround me
 everywhere i go
 whatever time it is
 you are always there
 telling me
 “come and learn
 from me
 and me, alone”

(August 26, 2016)


There is a family
 eating together
 talking about school works
 about mad bosses
 with the talks of the town
 still eating some sweets
 A regular dinner
 with large bowls of rice
 fried fish
 canned goods
 and sometimes fruits
 A small family picture
 lies next to the old TV set
 and then it comes
 knocking at the door
 embrace it
 it is well deserved
 it is as expected
 not really surprising
 it is the norm
 it has to has to happen
 if not now
 perhaps in the future

(August 27, 2018)


Forever is out of the question
 but I always think about it
 Someone out there, it’s possible
 someone who will stay

People come, people go
 people live, people die
 but a friend will come and stay
 will live and I hope wont die

Perhaps I confuse friendship with love
 I hope for a friend who will stay
 Forever is out of the question
 but I always think about it

(August 28, 2016)


(August 29, 2016)


Missed the last train
 so () had to walk for three hours
 Missed a meal
 six hours of hunger
 Missed sleeping time
 woke up very late
 Missed the time for love
 regrets, pain
 regrets, the most hellish
 kind of torment

(August 30, 2016)

You Rome, no ten many deed

Waywood calls Luyu meal
 Yes! Hail WIB Tree Wall!
 Ten to you, Rages die in Grinslit
 Sing Pig Onions, my B.I. Vet

I boot thru your mash
 Your tears, your woes, sh… your clothes
 Our very heated necks in T’linn place
 All that is replaceable when worn out

And that time has just come now
 That you rome, no ten many deed

(call me crazy. but this is an anagram piece)

(August 31, 2016)
(Here is my final piece of poetry for the month. If you take time to interpret this piece, you might get a reward from me. or perhaps another piece of poetry~ haha)


153, 38251633, 79636, 5873
 6775342 33234853 56323 568652
 585 82 5615 33234805896 369756
 2615 82 563 5473 7312743 494 5873
 82 85 563 67534 94 63142
 94 563 73794832 7133
 8 17 695 2743
 575 8 2165 59 9843 1 9843
 695 2944833 94 6775342
 635 8 2826 59 9843

1 316 9883 1 56972163 63142
 (a day like a thousand years)

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