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The first time I visited South Africa in 2017, I immediately jumped into an independent safari… alone. I flew to Johannesburg, rented a car at the airport, and drove 5 hours to the Kruger National Park in the northeastern corner of the country.


The lure

Kruger boasts one of the grandest wildlife-watching destinations on earth and one of the largest game sanctuaries in Africa. It spans 20,000 square kilometers, about the size of Israel.

All of Africa’s emblematic safari animals — lion, leopard, cheetah, elephant, rhino, buffalo, hippo, giraffe, and zebra — share the park’s savanna with a supporting cast of many…

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Peru was my first taste of South America. While indulging in the best cuisine of the Americas, I ventured from the Pacific coast of Lima towards the east, crossing deserts and mountains to arrive at the Amazon. Saving Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley of the Incas for last.

Lure of the Incas

When Columbus and the Spanish arrived in the New World in 1492, the Incas had the largest and most developed empire in the Americas. Centering on the Andean Mountains, it integrated most of South America’s western part. The Incas achieved this with their military, engineering, and administrative genius.

They built one…

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False Kiva — Canyonlands National Park (2017)

These canyons enveloped me, fed me, and finally gave birth to me like my mother’s womb. And then they became the empire of my childhood.


Canyonlands is my most treasured corner of North America. Actually, of the whole world. I filled many of my days with hiking here. It turned my world upside down and transferred my life onto a new track. Indeed, looking back, the seeds of Andy’s AnyLand Tours were sown here.

I entered this epitome of the American West in Utah as an economist to take a 6-week feast after wrapping up my doctoral thesis in 2017…

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Peru flaunts more than 2,000 varieties of corn

My earlier declaration, that Peru has the best cuisine in South America might surprise some people. Indeed, there are not many countries in the world as cuisine-crazy as Peru. And this makes it one of the best culinary destinations in the world. Yes, Peru has many attractions, but it’s worth visiting just for eating.

What makes a great cuisine?

In my theory, an advanced gastronomic culture needs two conditions. On one hand, an urban existence dating back thousands of years, which has allowed time and opportunity for culinary sophistication. On the other hand, contemporary, solvent and belly-loving palates that can sustain good restaurants and chefs…

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Natural infinity pool above Gunlom Falls in the Kakadu National Park

The wild is calling…

Kakadu National Park is the first place I visited in Australia. The park is among the most awe-inspiring wildernesses on our planet, together with the Canyonlands National Park in America and the Kruger National Park in South Africa. It’s one of those places where Mother Nature lets her hair down.

Kakadu is a vast park where we can be alone with nature. It shelters rivers, forests, floodplains, and an astounding array of lifeforms. And then there is also an ancient sandstone country with tumbling waterfalls that spans two billion years of history. …

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We hope your day is treating you well.

Today, we continue with the description of our trip around Rome. As promised in our previous post about the town of Tivoli, now we will talk about Villa Adriana in more detail. We hope that you enjoyed reading that post. And are excited to find out more.

Oh, as a reminder, Villa Adriana (as it is called in Italian) is a large Roman archeological complex, easily on par with anything in Rome. And a UNESCO World Heritage Site. But you should not just visit it because it is on the UNESCO list.

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