Dear Robot: Create my evening gaming plan!

Ok I am addicted to computer gaming and have collected a huge bunch of games over the last years. All games are great, tell great stories and are entertaining. And all games are sitting in my Steam library

The problem is, I have almost no time to play them at all.

I want to play the games even with little or no time. So I decided to trick me out and delegate the job of deciding to a more competent person than me:

I delegate all my gaming decisions to a little robot

The base of the bot is an open source project with the mythical name “Huginn”. Huginn is a tool, which watches the internet and do things about its observations. I use Huginn to Automate my life and even my marathon training.

Ok. Lets get started

I need to things:

  • A list of games which I want to play and I haven’t time for.
  • A time slot in my jam-packed calendar

And now I setup a workflow with three steps or agents in Huginn:

A scenario in huginn consists of connected agents

How does it work?

There are three steps involved:

  1. Step 01: Early in the morning the scheduler wakes up and start the Agent “02- Create a google gaming event”.
  2. Step 02: This thing is a little more sophisticated: This is a tiny JavaScript which selects a game from a gaming list and creates a google calendar message.
  3. Step 03: Stamp the event right in my calendar

And the result is: A scheduled game in my calendar

I have created the google event so, that I need to open the calendar entry to see, what game was selected by huginn. So I have a nice surprise in the evening. Tonight, it will be “The Witcher 3” which is by all means a superior game.

For the hardcore people

If you are interested at the JavaScript, you can see it here:

What is your method to deal with too much gaming? Tell me about it.

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