Running to myself

At the new years day I decided several things. One thing was to participate at a marathon in Amsterdam. And this decision started an interesting journey to myself.

Training isn’t as hard, if you just do it

First at all. I have created and automated a training plan right into my google calendar. Three times a week I follow slavish the instructions in my google calendar. And the wonder happens. It isn’t as hard as expected because I just do the things.

Just do it, isn’t a hollow phrase, it is just a simple truth

And I realized, that doing things without worrying and without hearing to sceptics is a wonderful thing.

Keep your progress in a Journal

All good things start with a journal. I encourage you to keep a journal to remember and reflect good things in life.

I keep a training journal in the Evernote journal App YourDay.

Its your turn: What is the thing, you are just doing? Tell me about it.

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