Starting automating my life!

Pete Birkinshaw

Ok, not the whole life, but all things, which include the following requirements:

  • They could be automated in any way.
  • Without automation I must do a thing at least twice.

Yes, twice. It is not a economic challenge not it is wise to do it. But it is fun to see, how far I can get.

Some ideas for automation:

  • Automate my Strava marathon training plan so it fits in my calender.
  • Automate my client appointments.
  • Automate boring stuff, like travel expense accounting.
  • Automate to record all my accomplishments

It is funny, because I haven’t much ideas how to achieve this challenges and which tools are use useful. Maybe, you have some ideas.

The web based tools are limited but useful. First of all is IFTTT. (if this, than that). Maybe I have to (re)learn some scripting. It will be fun to see how far I will be going.

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