We’re All Vulnerable.

I have never considered myself an expert in my work. Maybe that approach to everything that I produce leaves room for discovery. Each moment that I give to a body of work in itself is the peeling back of my confidence. It is embracing my vulnerability. It is the work of learning who I am as a product designer and how my personal experience with the human condition impacts the emotional efficacy of the goods primed for deployment. 
Emotional efficacy. Those two words might not amount to much meaning when coupled together, but that is the insanity of design through exploration. Emotion is not quantifiable. It is an experience; it varies, it differs with each perspective. Design with emotional intelligence as the cornerstone is dangerous; it is reckless, yet poignant, abrasive and transparent. Effectively communicating a feeling is not an exact science, it is betting on the unseen and hoping that shooting stars fall in the right place.

“Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity, and change.” — Brene’ Brown

I would not call myself a graphic designer, a web developer, a product designer. The more I produce, the more that it becomes apparent that I am somewhat competent and far from an expert. That is what drives me. Steady improvement. Individual self-awareness. It drives us all I would assume. The pursuit of progression, not perfection has become my focus. 
I sought perfection, in the early years of my work. I have never been entirely happy with anything that I have produced, because of this my portfolio is bare. With thousands of projects under my belt, none of the productions seem to convey the full scope of what I feel is my potential. From my viewpoint, there is always room for improvement.

At this very moment, I have come to accept my vulnerability, because I have discovered that it is essentially what makes me human. It drives my existence. In moments of immense self-doubt, I tend to find incredible strength. By trudging through my moments of uncertainty, and overcoming the heights of unwanted anxiety, I have found incredible amounts of courage.

In hindsight, I now understand that those moments of doubt were, opportunities of growth and humility. I progressively move forward with a keen focus on never being comfortable with standing still, a deep capacity for empathy, and a steeper appreciation for the beauty and profoundness of self-discovery.

I have said all of that to say this. I now share my work unapologetically. As I am a work in progress, so are my crafted bodies of work.