Why I am Taking My Entire Company To Propelify Festival

Me, on left, with my cousin Sorin, who I have not yet succeeded to convince to quit his good job to join a startup!

Working in the tech industry is fun. There is an endless supply of hardware, software, services and gadgets coming out daily. As an IT services company, we spend a lot of time testing out new technologies for our clients. It’s our job.

Like all bosses of small companies, my primary responsibility is to keep the paychecks coming. The easiest way to do this is to keep my team motivated by inspiring them to achieve their innate greatness. Digging into new technologies is a fun diversion. When it positively impacts the company, it can be very rewarding. For example, setting up a sandbox environment to try out exciting new Microsoft Azure services, maybe making their way to clients’ IT systems. The person who initiated the idea feels pride in their work.

Tech is more than hardware, software, services and gadgets. Like so many other industries, it’s about people. And to abstract it a bit, it’s about culture. To inspire my team, I make sure to bring thought leaders from within the industry and local area. They inspire me too.

Propelify Festival, in Hoboken on May 18, 2017, embodies the tech, entrepreneurial and startup culture in the New York City metropolitan area. And this is why I invited all of Drinks Technology to take the day off to attend. Hearing the incredible speakers talk about their experiences is not only interesting, but motivating to get through mundane tasks we all face at work. Furthermore, I fully believe that everyone is an entrepreneur — just with different scopes — and I encourage my team to try new things.

Drinks Technology is a new company, founded in January 2017. My team is myself and two fantastic, smart IT professionals who joined a tech startup to create the IT space in the beverage alcohol industry. As Drinks Technology grows, my philosophy of routine exposure to thought leaders will continue. I greatly look forward to this. I was lucky to have strong leaders in my past who would indirectly educate me on the industry I was in, knowing it would motivate me to excel at my job.

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