I am the last man standing

I had to be at the office today.

Nobody is allowed but the IT team I’m part of.

We work in daily shifts of one person a day.

Our company occupies a floor on the Main street. We have 4 big rooms of 50 workstations each. There are also 10 personal offices on the edges for the management, Human Resources, and IT.
We are the keepers of the gate and I am the operator.

15 years ago I was invited to study in France. I have a black belt in Judo. Back then, I…

Many parents prefer to keep this door tightly shut.

My niece is 25 years old and she does not use Facebook.

She never posts anything and never exposes her thoughts. The account is used for the sole purpose of tracking information the old ones, like myself and her parents, trustfully provide to the platform to keep and, well, use as the targeting of the massive ad revenue network.

While the majority of people in the World do have accounts on Facebook or WhatsApp and Instagram, many young Internet users prefer to spend their time on other services like Snapchat, TikTok…

The upside of working from your room

Working from home has advantages. You are much more productive now.

“Did you notice?”, a coworker asked me recently, “Even though we work from home, I manage to achieve much more than I did before Corona.”

I’ve been outsourcing developers since 2011. Not only different cities but different countries I was hiring personnel from.
Most of them were working from their homes.

Since the very first time, I have noticed this structure to be much more successful. I was spending less time on management while the results were constantly higher, better, and quicker.

My thoughts solidified during a year working from home myself. …

…is its manager

I know you hate agile!

Well, of course, you do not hate the meaning. You just can’t stand hearing the word anymore.

Agile started as the thing, invented by developers and given to developers. It looked like an inner knowledge, a secret power, taken from the depth of human intelligence by a squad of huge, magic, calm pandas. It was a product of meditation and perfection. The result was a scroll that people have taken.
That’s why it is called The Manifesto.

People have taken and broke it.

There are literally thousands of interpretations for agile…

It will make your business killed then.

Ian: “We have hired a team of 20 engineers and started developing the prototype”.

Me: “That requires a lot of financing”.

Ian: “Yeah. My partner is very good at it. He joined me on the condition of putting money on the table. He brought a check for $1500000”.

Me: “Assuming the remote team you had, I estimate it a year of development. A year and a half, if you are lucky.”

Ian: “We have been running for 2.5 years. I had to break my own savings down the road and sell my house”.

Turning my children into partners helped to stay in control

“Children. Guys. I want to talk to you, please”, I called the small ones once returning home. “I lost my job today. I’ve been fired.”

“I lost my job today, kids. I’ve been fired.”

That was the 3rd time.

20 years ago, the first laid-off happened. I was working for the second company in my career and I already was managing a team of 25 people.
That was a small startup I joined as a junior developer. I had a badge number 7. I don’t think my development expertise was somewhat…

Pandemic is not the one to blame this time

“This is not happening”, I thought.
I glanced at the brand new Huawei phone, laying on the table, and said it loud this time: “What the hell is going on?”

I bought my previous device during the year of my university graduation. I was working in shifts in a small high-tech company, and a co-worker offered me his old Samsung. He was switching over to the iPhone.
A year-old device for half a price from a person I know? Hell yeah! …

7 simple rules that will help you find peace of mind

Before Coronavirus spread we used to have strict rules with children and their access to mobile devices.

My oldest child is in 3rd grade. For her first year in school, we have purchased a cheap Chinese smartwatch to keep a connection with her. Nothing fancy. It is just a watch with a place for a sim card. It has no keyboard, it allows sending and receiving voice messages, placing phone calls and receiving ones from a predefined list of white-listed numbers. It had no games, no Web browser and…

She’s 9yo now and we have a second version released to the Store

  • Alex! Any time I WhatsApp you, send SMS messages or call, you would never respond. And most of the time your phone is on silent.
    - Dad. You know I am very busy! If you want me to see your messages, build an app that blocks my screen so I can never miss it.

That was a nice idea and I loved it.
The very same day I started drawing screens.

I am a Product Manager and an R&D manager with 20 years of experience building software…

Once acquired, these abilities are here to stay

“Somebody, hold me please!”, wrote a friend of mine on Facebook. “I have cleaned the house twice and I am starting to clean the porch”. People are locked in their houses and starting to engage in activities they were not doing for a long time.

As I was younger and living alone, my cooking routine was very different. I was not going to restaurants and pubs because I did not have a lot of friends to hang with but still loved good food. …

Andre Shore

Father, entrepreneur, dreamer, and doer. I write on modern parenting and work, life, home productivity. Creator of http://hedzapp.me/now — family alerts app.

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