Free Your Mind And The World Will Follow
Caitlin Johnstone

It is good to question everything, but where does it stop? We can never really know what is true. We need anchors that somehow reveal they are trustworthy.

I have some weird experiences in this respect. A few years ago I decided to forgive people. That was by itself not too hard, because there was not really much to forgive anyway. I felt I lost anger and fear, and this kind of made room for good intentions. Then strange coincidences started happening: sometimes a few weeks a dozen or so of those, and then a few months none happen.

Most often these are beautiful synchronicities, involving combinations of art, music, food, nature, animals, weather, science, technology, politics, friendship and religion. I call these “little miracles”. They are stranger than fiction; in a way they are more advanced than genuine miracles because these little ones are totally interwoven with the real world, which must be hard to arrange, even for a supernatural power.

My interpretation of these little miracles is that there is something or someone out there that loves all people, that takes care of us and helps and encourages us, that wants us to enjoy life and that gives us the good spirit and ideas. To receive such gifts it may well help to get rid of anger, fear, laziness and vanity. It may also help to ask in advance, and to thank afterwards. That way we can understand that these good gifts are not just natural, so we can also still understand the natural course of most systems, and get along in the real world.

If you don’t experience such gifts, then you are certainly not alone, but you may consider the idea that all good things in life, even tap water, are also gifts to enjoy. Not everyone gets plenty of those, but for most people circumstances have been improving a lot in the last few centuries. And the greatest gift to all may well be the ongoing consciousness improvement.

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