Three More Poems

Well, I haven’t written a poem a day, as I promised in my 2016 creative goals. But, several times a week I read a little more of poemcrazy by Susan Goldsmith Wooldridge and work through her suggestions.

I’ve written about my poetry walk. Here are three more poems that grew out of that exercise.

Cyclists in Formation, Glimpsed for a Second

In the cross street before me
 Four cyclists pass unannounced
 Legs pedal in sync
 Shoulders and heads hunch in unison
 Colorful bodies complement each other
 Helmets gleam in unity
 Vanish without a sound


 Pulsating beep.
 Should I be concerned?
 I turn to scan the parked cars behind me.
 Nothing appears amiss.
 Then why the disaster alert?
 A vehicle being violated?
 A panic button pressed into service?
 A lost car found?
 A child’s bump during play?
 A key fob pocket-poked?
 A technical glitch?
 My inquiries unsatisfied,
 I turn back and walk on.

Covet Not Thy Neighbor’s Tree

Thy branches spread across my neighbor’s yard,
 Imparting shade against the heat of day,
 And, from thy lofty stature, standing guard,
 Providing shelter for the child at play.

Thy limbs induce the earthbound soul to rise,
 To climb upon thine elevated plane,
 To clamber ever closer to the skies,
 A shortcut to the heavens, though in vain.

How wonderful ‘twould be for me to own
 A tree for passersby to see and love,
 A stately tree so lovely and full-grown,
 A blessing from my Father up above.

Refrain from envy, thinks a sinful me;
 Take care: desire not thy neighbor’s tree.

All poems in this post are written by Andrea R Huelsenbeck, copyright 2016.

Originally published at on March 12, 2016.

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