Current Resume Formats 2016

How do current resume 2016 formats look like? If you are looking for ways on how to improve your job chances, it is not only your skills that you upgrade but also your resume, the main weapon to use for increased chances of success. But in case you don’t know how a professional format of resume looks like, here are some for you. See the following pointers and improve your resume now.

Resume Formats 2016

Conventional formats

  1. Chronological resume deals with your work background, meaning it highlights more of your employment history; all jobs should be related to the industry and they should be listed in the reverse chronological format.
  2. Functional or skill based resume is more about your job related skills if you don’t want to draw the employer’s eyes on your work background. This suits those who are changing careers or those that don’t have continuous work history.
  3. Combined resume is for those who want to give focus on both their employment or record of accomplishments and their industry related skills for the job. You can make use of this if you have both good work experience and job skills to show off.
  4. Professional resume is one of the current resume trends to remember. This focuses on the specific job application. This has something to do with the industry where you belong.

Current Resume Trends

These include video resumes, infographic and social media resume. You may want to choose them if you want to, but make sure doing so will help you in increasing your chances for an interview. For instance, you may choose the infographic for current resume trends if you are in the creative fields, such as web development, social media management and so on, because such resume type is focused on highlighting your achievements, which may be in the form of a graph or a table. Also, if you are looking for the answer on the question how does a resume look like, here are some.

There you have the most recent formats known for resumes in 2016. You can choose among any of these depending on your skills, experience and industry. Nevertheless, pick what can help you show off your real value.

Use the best among current resume trends today!

Originally published at on February 22, 2016.