Interview with Yuan Wang: ex-Airbnb design lead

yellow and red sneakers
yellow and red sneakers
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Most designers usually build design solutions from personal experiences or people who ‘look and feel’ like them. Such designers don`t think about excluded people from this design. Here is how you can fix it.

Inclusive design is about designing for a diverse range of people. However, this does not happen often. There might be different reasons. Sometimes it might be because of convenience.

You should design products or services that can fit everyone. It’s hard, and it cost time. As a result, a designer or a company can decide not to do it.

More often, designers or companies are involved…

These days, creating a personal website is easy. You don’t need to know about how to code; the newest platforms can host profile pages with templates you can fill in with photos, links, and text about you and your works.

Photo by Samantha Gades on Unsplash

Especially if your content all fits in just one page, you have all you need for a website no matter if you’re a media person, digital professional, creative designer, or a tech expert. Having a website really helps to make you relevant and reliable, establishing yourself as a landmark in anything, and everyone knows this. …

Italians who design website homepage
Italians who design website homepage
Main page of

Weeks ago I came across an article by Fabricio Teixeira who wrote about Brazilians Who Design, an amazing project curated by him and coded by Zeh Fernandes (inspired on what Jules Forrest kindly made available on GitHub after building Women Who Design) to showcase talented Brazilian design portfolios. You may have already faced similar websites, for example:

The beauty of all those projects triggered the interest in what they have done and than…

Create and mantain your unique style as a desginer it’s hard, but create your personal brand it’s even harder. Here are some tips to start be recognizable out there.

1. Contribute and act

Designers can contribute doing good things in many ways. Here is a short dotted list

  • giving advices
  • share insights
  • helping others (publishing tutorials is a good way to act and help)
Credits: Kyle Glenn

Maybe you’re now thinking that things like that don’t give value to us (and you) and are worthless. Reality is that people don’t appreciate you only for your skills or your behance pages.

How to design and send an AMP ready email for the next generation of users.


What is AMP

In my previous article here, I wrote about AMP for Email, a new way to send email communications that allow sender to explore new way to deliver contents. In fact, email communications are transformed into dynamic, navigable and updated messages in real time, offering an advanced micro-experience of digital interaction.

In November 2019, 11th (just a few days before Black Friday) my first AMP email was sent, that becomes the first AMP for email financial success case.
How is it gone?

A step back to the beginning

All started with quick…

Every designer wants to create a better UI design, but there are no secret formulas for doing so. It is about learning, hard work and a lot of iteration.

Credits: Alvaro Reyes

1. Know your base

It’s mandatory, you need to know who your users are. This means knowing all the data that your analytical data can track, of course, but it also means knowing what they need and what prevents them from reaching their goals.

What are their goals? Why can’t they reach them? How can I help them overcome those challenges?
Reaching that level of empathy requires knowing the people who use your website. …

In 2019 Google released the AMP framework for email, which can be used to make emails more dynamic and interactive in Gmail (on Outlook, Yahoo Mail and Mail.Ru). E-mail messages that can stay up to date with the latest information and allow interaction directly in the content of the message itself.

The announcement comes through a blog post by Aakash Sahney, which shows how the entire network has changed over the last ten years.
Everything, except emails.

Google upset the emails, not very interactive, turning them into a light version of a web page. AMP for email allows you to…

Wait, what?

In recent years UX became a thing, it seems to be known and misunderstood by many. If tou ask people about what UX is, that the one clear thing is that UX is an unclear subject. However, a new buzzword has emerged in the last year, reaching the UX design world and creating even more confusion.

This word is HX design.

Start simple

If you didn’t read the Yan Grinshtein post here, it is better to start in a simple way, trying to explain the main difference between UX and HX.

  • User Experience, puts the accent on the concept of…

In my previous article i wrote about the evolution of UX and the challanges that designers have to face with foldable devices.

Concerns are real, I think it would be good to start focusing on what we know and what the main problems are, but also the innovative solutions.

1 Aspect Ratio
The folding concept is based on the idea that you can turn your phone into a tablet. With most tablets on the market ranging in 4: 3 proportions, it makes sense that even a phone-tablet hybrid is explained 4: 3. …

The end of 2019 has made clear what could be the future of the smartphone market. One key word, it’s foldable. Ya, it’s not necessarily what users were expecting but we have it.

If technologically it is a big step forward (curved screens have been in movies for years so they become objects of desire), everything changes focusing on the user experience. Here are several problems.

A new era of experimentation begins and UX deisgners have to deal with it.

Rise and fold a new type of device

At the beginning of 2019 Samsung released the brand new iconic Galaxy Fold (with various hardware and software problems). Than…


HX designer focused on innovative stuff and to share what I learn

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