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The two-page center spread from Sunday’s New York Times, featuring more than 70 Civic Alliance member company CEOs who’ve made strong commitments to be “100% In for democracy.”

Elektra Labs has joined the Civic Alliance. I’ll share more about what this means for our team, but first, a personal story.

I was catching up with my sister, who has serve as a poll worker in Detroit. I learned that the US is facing a record shortage of poll workers this year because:

  • most poll workers are >60 years old
  • fewer of them are signing up due to the risk of contracting COVID

This means that younger folks will need to step in and volunteer to ensure a safe, healthy, and trusted election this fall. …


Andy Coravos

Starting a new adventure @ElektraLabs. Formerly at @AkiliLabs, @codeHBS, @KKR_Co, and @McKinsey. Digital Rights Advocate. @NeuroTechX writer. #nonsibi

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