Louie the Dog Movie Posters

I love horror movies and I often watch them with Louie the Dog. But he’s always like, “Zombies? Who cares? Brains ARE delicious.” or “Poltergeists? Hohum, they’d probably tip over some snausages for me.”

Eventually, Louie thought, “Hey, I should make horror movies for MY kind! About things that are actually scary!”

So Louie’s been hard at work and he recently hired Duck Brigade to create some posters for his new movies. We were honored to be able to collaborate with him!

Hell Bath

Suddenly you hear it — owner-girl starts the water. But you smell so good — you just rolled around in that pee outside! This CANNOT happen! You run under the bed, but you hear footsteps approach. Suddenly a hand shoots out and grabs your collar. It’s all a blur — the bubbles! the water! the — GASP! — washcloth!!!! You’re in deep — HELL BATH.

Vacuum of Terror

You’re going about your dog day when all of a sudden “WHIIIIIIRRRRR!!!! SUCK SUCK SUCK!!!!” The noise shakes you to your core. Flee in dread as it slides toward you. Shake in terror at its deafening racket. You will ruff your hardest but no one will hear you bark over the VACUUM OF TERROR!

Thunder of Doom

BOOM BOOM BOOM! What could it be? It must be the dog-pocalypse. The sky is breaking, the air is splitting, your head is pounding with the THUNDER OF DOOM.

Originally published at www.duckbrigade.com on August 1, 2016.

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