Why I will never fly WOW Air again and you shouldn’t either
Ryan van Niekerk

While there is plenty in there for them to be legitimately mad about (the wait for luggage, the delays with no explanation) a lot of his issues are standard for any airline. If you change your flight you lose your prepaid seats, on every airline, if you mention it when you change, they are sometimes nice and reassign you. Sometimes. (it sucks, but it’s not specific to them.) The US airport fees have nothing to do with the airline and you pay them regardless. The baggage fees are standard for a low budget airline. And it’s all very clear when you book. He complains that the airport staff don’t have “cash or checks” to hand out? Of course they don’t. No airline in the world hands you cash or writes you a check on the spot. If he checked in on his phone (and only on the way to the airport? That’s leaving it late) then he had the boarding pass ON HIS PHONE. They just take the image on your phone and scan it. He paid for ‘extra leg room’ and actually got it, he just expected a business class seat or something (the second person’s seat is the real problem in that instance). He was grouchy that they offered him free food on the flight home. Did he submit receipts for the out of pocket expenses? I would like to know if he did get reimbursed (that is an important issue that should be resolved.) But, if you want all the trimmings of a full service airline, which is totally fine, then book that and pay for it. Like I said, there were legitimate real issues with this trip that they have every right to complain about, but with all the OTHER talking about things that no airline provides it makes it harder to sympathize.

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