Write an Open Letter
Jonny Miller

Dear Clown

I’m so happy we’ve met and are becoming good friends.

With you I learned wonderful crazy things! That the deepest truths can be touched upon through the pleasure of lying. That That by having fun pretending to be someone else, I can be fully myself. That playing games doesn’t have to finish with the end of childhood. That fear is energy that I can learn to transform into love.

With you, inanimated things become full of life. And the black rectangle we call stage becomes a whole universe. Wow.

Now I know that playing can be much more than just entertainment. Playing empowers me and helps me to connect with myself and others. Playing is to release the imagination and create other worlds. As a species, I think is something we need badly.

Thank you for being so patient with me… I like to look clever, good, cool, perfect… you taught me how fun and liberating it is to allow myself to be really bad and share it with others. More and more I see a lot of people can relate with being really bad, so it must be something a lot of us have in common! It’s a good point of departure for human relationships.

Thank you Clown for visiting me, my door is always open for you.

I love you very much,


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