4 Unconventional Networking Tips for Cat People
Ben Noble

I’m mildly disappointed that your networking tips didn’t include more feline-like suggestions, such as running from the bathroom as fast as you can to show your enthusiasm to get back into the action at the event. Or climbing up onto bookshelves and tables to show your physical dominance over other attendees in the room? Perhaps rubbing your cheek against the leg of the person who you connect with most to show your willingness to collaborate? No? Not feeling it? Guess I really do need the advice in your post!

All kidding aside, great post Ben! The word networking has always made me cringe inside but when I think of going to events as a chance to meet people who I might genuinely like and vice versa it’s less daunting. Putting down the idea of “what’s in it for me?” and thinking how I can help another is great for taking off pressure but also helps others let their guard down too which is where real connections happen.

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