Written by Russell DaSilva and Andrea Tinianow

We are moving into a digital world in which nearly everything of material value can be represented digitally on a blockchain. Assets will be in unit form and native to the blockchain, like cryptocurrency; or a digital avatar of something that exists outside the blockchain, such as a car or house; or an intangible asset, such as a right to intellectual property, or securities, such as shares in a corporation. Having things represented digitally makes them easier to track and transfer. The units on the distributed ledger become a store of value whose…

Brazil is full of contradictions and opportunity. It is the eighth largest economy in the world and ranked third for having the most entrepreneurs. I got a glimpse of Brazil’s innovative entrepreneurial culture when I visited MAR ventures, a Sāo Paulo-based venture builder, and then again when I met with attorneys in Sāo Paulo. However, Brazil is also ranked as one of the hardest countries in which to do business due to regulations and complicated bureaucracy — which I also saw first hand.

Alexandre Liuzzi is the founder and CEO of MAR ventures and Alexandre Garcia is his partner and…

I got my last job because my neighbor introduced me to his law partner’s best friend. My neighbor knew I was looking for a job, and he volunteered the connection. That single introduction was my big break! It springboarded my career into international business development which, in turn, led to professional experiences beyond my wildest dreams. I look back fondly on that golden introduction and reflect on how it changed my life.

Once on the job, I made introductions every day. That experience got me thinking about how connecting people is so integral to business and to life.

The original…

Andrea Tinianow

Superconnector, entrepreneur, Delaware attorney, blockchain champion. “Salad dressing on the side”.

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