How to Throw the Best Halloween Party with SquidHub 🎃

Yeah! It’s that time of the year again, and you better already have an idea for a costume. Planning a party can be an equally fun and frustrating process. So many things you need to remember, lists you need to keep track of… and ideas are just popping out from everywhere.

Many people say that they hate to plan because it seems like so much work… In reality, planning can cut the total time by half when you organize an event.

So how do you keep calm and don’t give up when you face the chaos of organizing your Halloween party this year?

Easy-peasy. Write down a todo list, save ideas and ask some friends to help you if the party becomes too big and you feel overwhelmed. SquidHub is the perfect match for all these steps, and can make you shine among your guests as the best party planner ever, when the job is done and the fun is on.

Throw the most creepalistic party ever

We put together a few points that will help you out with where to start and how to follow up throughout the planning and preparation. Make the best use of them to throw the most creepalistic party ever 👻.

1. Go to SquidHub and get started with the planning

Create a profile. It takes less than a minute. You can also access SquidHub from your phone if you download the apps for iOS or Android.

2. Choose the Halloween template

We have created a special Halloween template for you, to make your brainstorming process much easier. It includes To Dos for the preparation and inspirational links. E.g. how you can turn your candles into mummies, recipe for ghost meringues and fun jell-o shots. You can, of course, add things that you like… and remove those that are not needed in your case.

Whatever you do, do not forget the pumpkins!

3. Surf online for ideas

Costumes, food, drinks, and decorations will be easier to choose if you narrow down the theme of your Halloween party. Is it going to be spooky and scary or bloody funny?

A good tip is to set the budget as things can easily get out of financial control when you get too excited with the party preparation. Take a look at the unlimited amount of DIY projects for decorations. This could be a huge money saver.

If you don’t fancy a long cooking process, another piece of advice is to just name your normal dishes with spooky names. How about some bloody lasagna, zombie chicken and spider eggs meatballs?

4. Do not forget the music!

There is no party without music and even the best DJ likes to be prepared with some playlist beforehand. DJs are humans too or zombies (depends on the occasion). They would like to have a bloody drink as well and put the music on autoplay for a few minutes.

You actually think that money for a DJ won’t fit your budget? Then you for sure should prepare an awesome playlist. It won’t be a real Halloween without Michael Jackson’s Thriller or “This is Halloween” anthem. When you make a playlist, make sure you include some of those classics. We guarantee you WILL get extra credit from your guest and they will have a blast at the party thanks to those songs.

Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” is a must on your Halloween soundtrack. Photo Credit

5. Call out for help… From the other zombies

Every mastermind needs support and it is so much more fun to have some of your friends help with the party preparation. Decide who can be helpful and reliable, and send them invites directly from SquidHub. You can then assign them some of the To Do’s as personal missions.

Surely you are good in everything, but you might use your friends as helpful hands when decorating the venue. What about that friend of yours who worked as a bartender? Ask him to mix the spooky cocktails and take the workload off your shoulders.

6. Get things done

Now it’s time to tick off some of the boxes on your To Do list. One by one… until you’re done. You can always find the completed todos in SquidHub under the heading Completed. Maybe you’ll find them useful if you decide to throw an even more amazing Halloween party again next year.

7. Put your makeup on and get dressed

It’s time for partyyyyy! You made it and you should be creepy proud of yourself, because thanks to you, all of your Halloween guests will have a blast that will be remembered. Now play that spooky music, get yourself a drink and show your moves on the dance floor, celebrate you success of throwing the best Halloween party of the year!

SquidHub is happy to help you and support you along the journey of party planning and organizing. We know that you are going to make an unforgettable party and we wish we could come as well.

If you feel like you are stuck and need inspiration or you need to be scared to proceed with the planning process you are welcome to write us 😊

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