The day i lost my 27 year old brother in a fire-accident

4 FEB 2012

A date I will never forget

It is a cold early saturday afternoon the 4th of februari 2012 when I find myself in my parents’ house on the southwest side of Gothenburg city in Sweden when I suddenly decide to go out on the balcony to have a short cigarette break, after a have smoked about 2–3 puffs I suddenly hear how it starts calls on the house telephone. Its one of Christian’s best friends calling and telling me that he’s out walking around the Guldheden area of Gothenburg. I hear directly on his voice of that something is terrably wrong, he is telling me that it is heavy smoke and flames throwing out of a apartment situated near my brother’s Place situated on Doctor Wigardhs street on Guldheden. He also tells me that he repeated times tried to reach Christian on his cellphone but without any reply, suddenly he had to hang up the call for a short while for some reason but calls suddenly back again, he now tells me that he is standing just outside my Brothers Place and the apartment building, which also goes by the name “Blåelden”. He now tells me how it is throwing out big flames from one of the apartments at the top where Christian’s apartment was situated, the smoke is so thick that its really hard to seesee if it’s Christian’s apartment or if it is his neighbor, but having approached the crash site further little to confirm that he is his apartment they apply. I’ll call my dad up quickly in this stage is on the way home. After about 5 minutes of arriving dad and my mom and I now jump quickly into the father’s car and drive at a high speed towards the scene of the accident, the mother now speak on the phone with Christian’s friend who now talks about and tells me the firefighters encountered a 27 year old man dead in the hallway. The identity is not yet established but I hear dad says “it can only be him.” Already at Järnbrotts motet, we see how heavily smoke appeares over Guldheden. As we approach the accident scene the police heave already cordoned off the area already at the roundabout at Dr. Fries Torg, I quickly jump out of the car and ran toward the accident scene and shouts “were is my brother!?.” I’ll check the apartment and now see that they burn is so fiercely that even the roof caught fire. A police officer leads me then to a nursing home which is located across the street where a whole crowd standing and watching, we walk through the door a bit into the hallway and then take the left up a flight of stairs and then into a room where a firefighter and my mom and dad and a crisis team sits and waits. They’re trying to calm down everyone but the atmosphere is panicky and Emelie, my sister is still in town, but is now also heading towards the crash site. When my sister arrives, they become total chaos then and I just feel that I can not be bothered to sit there in the room and listen to a crisis team, that’s not what you want to hear, I only wanted my brother back! When I’m on my way down the stairs again, I meet my family at that time just anländit. I walk down the stairs and go out and stand outside the building and look up to the apartment with the red eyes and the tears just start to gush down from the cheek. After this, I do not remember so much more. When, after a few hours, when we had come home to the house again, I did go into my room and start to feel such a deep frustration that I had to find an outlet for my feelings, I sit down on Facebook and start blaming the scene of operations without cause, acted too too slow, etc. and just felt that everything was everyone else’s fault. Shortly after asking one of Christian’s best friend who then find themselves in the Stockholm area to remove the post and trying to calm me down and tell you that it’s just the frustration you are feeling right now. Now, two years after the disaster, I still feel proud of the firefighters and that they did everything they could to save my brother. I’m proud of them today. Firefighters are usually very competent people, and only those that you choose such a profession shows of course on how much empathy you have for people who are in acute distress. If you are a firefighter and was involved in the rescue operation on Blåelden February 4, 2012, feel free to contact me. Or if you’ve been through a similar situation and just need someone to talk to and I’ll do everything to try to help you as best they can. Again, thank you all firefighters, police officers and other staff there who was working in the intensive work and rescue operation at Blåelden for my beloved older brother Christian Rörqvist Saturday the 4th of february 2012.

Christian Rörqvist 1984–2012

Thank you for been able to share these 25 years with you Christian, it was and will always be the best 25 years of whole my life! I love you! // Andreas Rörqvist

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