What If?

What if we would stop being afraid of sharing? I know it comes with strings attached, however What If we stop asking for permission and start asking for collaboration with leaders? What if we focus more on doing, on sharing, less on worrying?

Did you ever second-guess your endorsement of a new technology? Or the re-tweet of an article? Or actively promoting a colleague’s blog? How about that lesson plan that just did not work for you, so it must be bad. The fear of sharing comes from fearing the criticism that comes with it.

Organizations become great at ignoring or criticizing those who are pioneers. They want to see how the world reacts before endorsing the change. Some leaders worry they’d set expectations for a standard if they back the “new thing”.

For those who want to innovate I say this: don’t focus on the NO and how to deal with it. Focus on the many more who will say yes, who want to learn. It is not about “winning the battle”. Be prepared to hear the critique. Putting ourselves out-there may mean our ideas need polishing. It is okay to not get it right. I don’t think about asking for permission, I think of asking for help in crystallizing my focus.

Let’s do less sugar-coating, more sharing, less hiding behind closed doors and more acknowledging of the visible learning in our schools.

“If someone feels uncomfortable because you are doing good work…you aren’t the problem”

We all got a “no” once or twice. We must teach others innovation is vital. Stop worrying that others may feel the pressure to follow in your footsteps. Let’s be less afraid of being judged.

I included below some examples of educators who are taking a leap of faith and share with us their learning.(the list is so long I feel guilty for sharing so few).

Bryan Penfound — For the Love of Maths

Matthew Oldridge

George Couros — The Principal of Change

Matt Coleman, Jamie Mitchell — The Shift