Apple, why McLaren? McApple? Here’s a thought:

The Internet is blowing up with news about Apple wanting to buy McLaren. But why?

Well, it’s not new that Apple wants to compete in the EV Race, they have a department working on this but, what they do lack is the know-how to manufacture cars, some patents of course and so on. Apple has money, they can buy a whole division of any car manufacturer. Ohhh, wait a sec, I said the EV Race, well there is nothing EV about McLaren, is it?

Surely there is a catch to this, so let’s look at the F1 McLaren Team, what has that division have to offer?

Well that division is actually named F1 McLaren - Honda Team; and you know what Honda makes? That’s right EVs!

Well done Apple! You’re buying some patents and manufacturing facility and workers for a small price just to be introduced to Honda, on the cheap.

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