Make your team better than ever with Grobyk

The more the better

Our AI scatters the web for you and your team to provide great content based on your interests. Carefully selected websites and blogs, are put to the test; no mediocre posts get through. Because your team deserves only excellence.

None of us are as smart as all of us

A team that is engaged in knowledge sharing is more productive than a team of solo players, so start sharing knowledge. The most important part of a team is collaboration, if there is no collaboration then there is no team. Be a team player, share your knowledge.

Together we are a dream team

We think that there are three essential actions on making your team a dream team. 
1. Create – put your knowledge into words; express your own ideas to your colleagues by creating an article. 
2. Explore – our AI filters the web to bring you knowledge based on your points of interest; 
3. Read – be on the same level with your colleagues/be up-to-date with your team’s knowledge

The Knowledge Board

Is the place where you and your colleagues stick posts that you all know that are useful for the team.


Is the action through you can find the information curated by tags of interest. 
We use only the best sources, exquisite articles about what you like.

Create Content

Did you thought about something great? Create an article and add it to the knowledge board. 
In this way you can help your team to grow faster.


Engage in communicating with your colleagues about an idea. 
Decide what’s best for you and never stop to empower one another.


Hashtags have the power to bring easiness in finding important content.


Experience unique statistics about your colleagues, 
see what they search for, what they like etc.