Day in, day out

Basically, your life.

Because I lack the discipline to write in proper Romanian language on my default English keyboard, I’ll switch to the words of the Queen. Or Chuck Norris’. It depends on your perspective.

I started seeing days as gifts. Gifts given to each of us to make something out of them. Like a building or something. You could build a great foundation and then topple it…at the 2nd floor. Or you could build it quickly with the thirst of height in mind, fall down and wonder what happened.

This reminds me of a short story that Will Smith was telling from his childhood. He was saying that, one day, his father tore down a brick wall and put Will and his younger brother to rebuild it. They thought it was impossible, namely because they were thinking about building a big, big wall. But the catch here was that all they had to do was to put the first brick. And then another, and another, as perfectly as they could lay a brick. Not long after that, a new wall stood before them.

The bottom line is this: you need patience in order to achieve anything, you need to do your work with perseverance and you need to do it with a clear purpose, day in, day out. The story is not just about Will Smith. It could be any other name in there. It’s a really good version of a story that people who seek to get ahead in life should listen and take it into account.

I’m not implying that you have to become a mindless cog, doing your tiny piece of work and live in your little bubble. I’m talking about how a defined purpose can give you a direction in time and space, charging your potential to distant, unforeseen future and good fortune. The journey will always be day in, day out.You just need to take the helm.



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