Everything is a remix. So what?

This is the mashup of our daily lives, imbued by the random pops from the internet, spiced up by funny people and tempered down by deep conversations with old friends. It’s an interesting “stew” where you are the chef and your peers are the recipe and the tools.

So what’s cooking, doc?

Original doesn’t have to be original. It just has to be honest and witty at the same time. In fact, I think you already found that everything you do is not new. Everything you say, everything you feel, someone else did it before you and you can’t do anything to change that. Sometimes just like that, sometimes a little bit different.

You must accept the fact that we live in an economy of ideas, where ideas can’t be stolen, but merely shared, bouncing off from one mind to another. A good idea is so precious not because it is kept safely kept by a selfish mind but because it has so many different versions in the real world. Filtering and polishing an idea takes a long time but the results are astonishing. This leads to the urge that we must start a conversation, we must connect alike minds and share our thoughts, even if everything IS a remix.

Without conversations, one could have the paradox of thinking that he created something original. In his oblivious alternate reality, that creativity, surged from the ether, could be a God-given gift and he could understand the wrong side of “being unique”. Islands of ignorance in a sea of scarcity.

We live in a fantastic age, where ideas circulate easier than ever and you can learn from anyone just about anything. We just need to find ourselves, to find what drives us and then follow through and apply our knowledge to better serve those around us.

I wish you to think big, to steal like a great artist that you are, hidden in your subconscious, and to be open to ideas.

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