On August 3, 1992, 17 days before my 24th birthday, my mother died.

deLeslin Freeman Lammé experienced her share of challenges that would break most people. As a child, she was raped by her father. She was widowed at 23 years of age — not knowing that she was pregnant with me. When I was a toddler, she was briefly married to another man whose name I do not know — a man who physically abused her. Her third husband was my step-father, and he abandoned her when she got cancer, as he did not want to deal with her…

At times, the incredulity engendered by statements that elected officials make is so pronounced that one is rendered speechless. Although Dr. Phillip Duffey (an expert in his field) attempted to maintain composure, it comes across in this piece in New York Magazine that he was struggling to not be snarky when confronted by Alabama Representative Mo Brooks theory as to why the global sea level was rising 3.2mm per year.

(I have no problem being snarky to politicians who get their opinions from questionable sources. …

In states across the country, over the last several years, a common theme pushed by those in opposition to school choice in general, and public charter schools specifically, is that with each student whose parents exercise school choice, the district loses money.

It doesn’t take long for this narrative to get to hyperbolic levels — especially when news media gets involved. The lede to an East Bay Times article a few days ago was:

Two Bay Area school districts lost a total of $76.6 million to public charter schools during the 2016–17 school year, a new report concludes.

Robin Lake

Some weeks back, as a slight modification from a suggestion that my friend Kelly made, I made a new list. This list is comprised of a group of people that I call my “crew”. They are people like Andrea, Nanette, Jen, Natalie, and others who are more private about having struggled in some manner with suicidal thoughts. It also contains the names of some people who are no longer with us, as they lost their lives to suicide.

I read this list out loud each night, as these are the people I utilize for inspiration. These are the people I…

To get human interaction, I periodically go down to my local dive bar with my computer, get hopped up on Coca-Cola, and do some work. It is a somewhat weird scenario, as I am not in the mode where I necessarily want to talk to people, but I am cognizant of the importance of not getting too isolated.

Last week, I was sitting at the bar, sipping on my coke, and working on a research project when a young woman came up to me, and with a somewhat tremulous voice said,

“I saw the semicolon tattoo on your wrist. …

September 21, 2017 — Marin Headlands

“You dropped a nuclear bomb in our lives.”

Hearing that statement crushed my heart, nonetheless it was an accurate assessment of what I did last year. It was as if I had gathered all of my friends, my family (by blood and of-the-heart), and my colleagues into one locale and detonated an emotional and psychological nuclear bomb in their midst.

I have written extensively about what led me to make three attempts on my life. Most of those writings have now been taken offline, as they served their purpose — raw emotions released into the aether as a means to…

Multiple times I had explicitly promised someone: “I will never leave you.” As a friend and — more importantly, a father — that same promise was implicitly given to many. And then I broke those promises when I almost died by my own hand.

My grandfather always told me that when you give someone your word, you have no choice but to keep it. He further told me that there could be times where you may break your commitment. Sometimes that will be willful, sometimes outside your control. Regardless of the reason, you must make amends, you must atone.


I almost died three times in 2017 — by my own hand.

Noting that, the nonsense that Logan Paul pulled earlier this week is particularly poignant and angering for me. For those who are not aware, this gentleman — a “YouTube Star” — was in the Aokigahara forest in Japan, and filmed a dead man hanging from a noose from a tree.

And he posted the video for his followers — and his bank balance’s — pleasure.

Let me be bloody clear, suicide is a patently illogical act. Understand that that assertion comes from a man who justified to himself…

André-Tascha Lammé

Unapologetic #EdReform guy. Angry. OG #HardcoreKid. Dad of @PMAKid. Formerly Dir/Digital at @StudentsFirst and Dir/SpecProj at @calcharters. Opinions are mine.

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