This is my first time writing on Medium, and it seems like the place where you can grow as a writer.

Life is a gift, and its constantly giving you more and more gifts; which is incredible. In your daily life you are continuously faced with things that life throws at you, which can be seen as contributions. At some point along the way these “contributions”, become a gift to you, these experiences that should be embraced, and appreciated. These contributions add to your personal growth and learning. Therefore, it is your choice whether you want to take all of this and use it to become wiser.

Life gives you the tools to become stronger, smarter, and a more rational human being; both positive and negative aspects should be acquired, not only should the positive things affect you or the ones you should adopt, but the negative ones. Rather than being upset because something negative happened to you, be thankful, be kind to yourself, and reach for the bright side. By not accepting the negative things that happen to you, you are closing the door to a gift that life is giving you, by rejecting these tools you are not accepting the contributions, therefore you are denying yourself growth, improvement, and well being.

Learning to adopt the negative things that happen in life, and convert them into positive ones, is going to be a fundamental key in your life.

With this said, the way you choose to take and see these contributions in your life is up to you, and it is your moral responsibility to expect them, because if you don’t expect the unexpected how are you going to receive it when it comes? Basically you have 2 options, you can either take these contributions for the best, or you reject them, it’s your call.

Life is simple, there is no need to complicate it, so keep it simple, and use the contributions life gives you to contribute in somebody else life. Transmit this message to your love ones, accept the contributions life is giving you, (they are free anyways) use them for good, apply them, meditate them and don’t forget to seize your day everyday.

Andrés Cházaro

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