Push yourself, reach higher.

Isn’t it interesting how we always want to do, learn, adopt, improve, or practice new things? However, for some reason we manage to put them off.

(Give yourself a minute or two and think about the things you haven’t done but you’d like to)

Time is not to blame here. We all have 24 hours, yes that includes Obama and ourselves too. If we don’t take the initiative to do something, perhaps it might be because we don’t truly want to commit, maybe we’re just not that into it (yet), or as others like to call to it: “lack of time”. Here’s a question for you: Do you really don’t have time? Truth is: you do have time, we all do. You actually just need a few minutes to get something going.

Think about all the time you have when you’re thinking: “what can I do right now?”, or when you’re around the house doing nothing, trying to figure out “what to do?”, or simply when you’re killing time on your technological devices.

When you truly want to achieve or improve something you’ll put all the effort it takes, why? Simple, because you care. And when you realize it’s for good, you’ll definitely get it done. When you don’t want it badly, you opt to not do it, and therefore, you’ll postpone it until whenever you feel like doing it.

First of all, know that it takes courage; and when it comes to accomplishments, it takes action as well. Let me suggest setting goals, reminders, or rules, and stick to them. These are just suggestions; you should modify them to suit your life. But I do encourage you to find the time and get started today.

I would like to make reference to the not-so-common achievements (which are great), such as reading more, losing weight, exercising often, eating healthier, among others. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with them, but the harder you push yourself, the greater you’ll be. I’m talking about the type of sacrifices and commitments that drive another type of change within us. Such as calling an old friend you haven’t spoken to in a while, writing a letter to your dad, brother, or just a family member; saying sorry to someone you owe an apology, or simply embracing the things that are hard for us to do, or that we don’t like to do. You’ll find this crazy, but if you put aside whatever is holding you from doing it, and you actually put it into practice, you’ll be more thankful, happier, and you’ll have made it to a better version of yourself.

Adopting a habit doesn’t come easy, but hey, no rush, one at a time. Take it step by step, start slow, as simple as trying something (anything) once a week for a month and then you can climb up to twice a week for a month and so on. The idea is to get going and adopt what we believe is healthy for our lives, for example meditation, decluttering your room, making sure that your loved ones know you love them, keeping in contact with the people you care about so they know you care about them, and of course, discover new things. The world is full of great people, activities, and nature to explore. Give yourself the opportunity to learn something new, travel somewhere you haven’t been, listen to music you haven’t played, and adopt whatever starts suiting you the best.

We are all unique, and have diverse ideas, interests, and needs. But he who knows what he truly wants, needs no time to think. So make sure you efficiently use your most precious treasure (time), and start improving whatever it is that has been bugging you or that you know it requires change, trust me, you’d be satisfied with the results and you’ll be on the path to become a better you; that eventually, will reach higher.

Andrés Cházaro